Berkeley Scientists Make Major Breakthrough in Brain Imaging

Berkeley Scientists Make Major Breakthrough in Brain Imaging

Scientists in UC Berkeley have come up with a groundbreaking new method in Brain Imaging. The image you see above was reconstructed entirely from the viewers brain activity. This new method of imaging is leading to all sorts of theories about what could be possible in the future. One day we might be able to press the ‘record’ button and upon waking up we will have a full dvd of our entire dream! Imagine being able to re-watch your dreams.

Jack Gallant, professor of psychology, was quoted as saying “This is a major leap toward reconstructing internal imagery, We are opening a window into the movies in our minds.”

Participants were shown YouTube videos inside a magnetic resonance imaging machine. They sat inside the machine for several hours while brain imaging data was collected and was later developed into a computer model that was surprisingly similar to the YouTube videos. Colors, shapes, and movements were matched with certain patterns of the brains activity.

Gallant said “Once we had this model built, we could read brain activity for that subject and run it backwards through the model to try to uncover what the viewer saw”.

This is truly a revolutionary breakthrough and the possibilities with this are mind blowing.

Dream DVR coming soon!

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